About Us


Rabbi Moshe Farkas grew up in Montreal. After graduating from Hebrew Academy, he spent two years studying at Yeshivat Sha’alvim in Israel. He then attended Yeshiva University where he received his BA in economics. Subsequently, Rabbi Farkas continued his studies pursuing a Masters in Jewish Education from the Azrieli Graduate School. Additionally, he received semicha from Yeshiva University’s RIETS rabbinic program. As part of his rabbinic training Moshe served as the rabbinic intern and youth director for Congregation Ohr Torah in West Orange, NJ. In completion of his masters in Jewish Education, Moshe taught at Yeshiva Central Queens (YCQ). He is an avid Habs fan willing to travel near and far to see them play. He is looking forward to living within walking distance of the Bell Centre. He also enjoys the outdoors whether it’s hiking, biking, or camping.

Dahlia Farkas was born and raised in Highland Park, New Jersey. After high school she studied in Israel at Darchei Binah. When she came back to America she attended Stern College and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in History. She has been involved in education in various forms, having worked as a Hebrew School teacher at Congregation B’nei Tikvah in South Brunswick, NJ and as a Youth Director in Congregation Ohr Torah in West Orange, NJ. Dahlia enjoys hiking, cooking, and drinking coffee. She is looking forward to being part of OU-JLIC McGill and practicing some French.